Manfred and his iPhone.

From Spanish blogger Rosa J.C. during her trip to Cochabamba [es]. (Bold-my emphasis).

Se trata de un personaje controvertido, physician con una reconocida labor como alcalde de la ciudad pero con un polémico pasado como militar.  Al margen de su vehemencia su “american way”, tadalafil ¿sabeis que es lo que más me llamó la atención? ¡Tenía un iPhone!

He is a very controversial person, see with his reknowned work as mayor of the city with a polemic past as a military man.  In addition to his vehemance to his “American Way”, do you know what grabbed my attention the most?  He had an iPhone!

Voces Bolivianas in Santa Cruz

Little has been written on this blog about the project Voces Bolivianas in Bolivia, and which helps teach the use of this media to members of underrepresented groups in Bolivia. The pilot project in El Alto recently concluded, and there are preparations for the next session of workshops in January. Over the course of the past week, Voces Bolivianas has decided to expand to Santa Cruz, where the two groups of new bloggers will have a chance to interact with one another and hopefully tear down existing stereotypes about these two supposed “different” groups of people that are also supposed to dislike each other. More details later about these two new projects.

Bolivian Community Protest in Buenos Aires

By chance, I ran into this march along the Avenida Corrientes in Buenos Aires. More than anything the pedestrians and motorists were annoyed by the disruption along the very busy thoroughfare in the Argentine capital. However, there was no noticeable ‘booing’ or the Latin American equivalent – “whistling”. Today there was another march by Argentine protesters, so I assume they are used to these things.

Marcha en Buenos Aires
Video sent by barrioflores