Bolivia, Again

This time I am packing up my things for an extended trip to South America.  The first stop will be Bolivia in order to implement the Rising Voices project, Voces Bolivianas.  Our inaugural pilot project will take place in El Alto, where we hope to teach 20 residents of El Alto how to use these participatory media tools allowing them to choose how they are represented, as well as opening up the conversation to a broader audience.  There is a lot of pressure on us, as one of only 5 grantees from across the world.  For example, the work being done in Medellin, Colombia is already running circles around us.  That’s okay because it has been motivating me to make sure our project is highly successful, and it will be a lot easier to coordinate once I am in Bolivia.

From there, I hope to travel to Colombia, Argentina and Brasil by the time Christmas rolls around.

It has been awhile since I have closely followed what has been developing in Bolivia.  Apparently, there were fisticuffs in Congress, the Constituent Assembly is on hold, and six of the nine departments are planning strikes and MAS in transporting tens of thousands of its supporters to the city of Sucre.  This conjures up visions of what had happened in Cochabamba in January.