With two days to kill in La Paz between the two fútbol matches, remedy I decided to go down to Lake Titicaca. It has been quite awhile since I spent more than 20 minutes in Copacabana. Unfortunately, I was too late to grab a boat out to la Isla del Sol. I spent the rest of the afternoon eating trucha (trout), walking along the shore, and watching the cars, trucks, and minibuses being blessed outside the Cathedral. Many Paceños visit the Shrine to have their new vehicles blessed.

The trip from La Paz, seems to be more hassle than it is worth. It took me close to four hours each way, including crossing the Lake at the Strait of Tiquina. By private car, the trip would be much more enjoyable.

It was a relaxing time altogether, I sat in the Plaza and watched the people come and go.

On the way back to La Paz, the road goes through El Alto, one of the saddest and gloomiest places on the planet earth (from my limited experience). I always feel depressed when I pass through. I had my headphones on while watching attentively out the window of the mini-bus. On my mp3 player I had the sounds of Godspeed You Black Emperor! If you ever heard this band´s apocalyptic-like music, it provided a perfect soundtrack to accompany the images of El Alto.

I have pictures, that I still need to upload.